Shipping fine art, collectibles, and valuables


We can accommodate all your local, national, and international shipping needs for fine art, collectibles, and valuables, in maximum safety conditions from start to destination. Our fleet is staffed by drivers trained to museum standards for art handling. For special shipping, including Treasury items, we can provide an armed convoy, escorted by the Romanian Gendarmerie.

National Shipping

We provide art shipping for collectors and museums, art galleries, public institutions, artists, etc. Museums and public institutions require specific shipping permits, an aspect we can assist with, alongside the personalized transportation.

Price-rate Bucharest area – 200 lei + VAT, with a maximum capacity vehicle of 3,5t.
Price-rate nationwide – 4 lei/km + VAT, with a maximum capacity vehicle of 3,5t.

Tarifs do not include the loading and packaging of objects, these are separately qoted.

International Shipping

International shipping of art and collectible items requires customs clearance for import and export, an aspect we can assist with, as well as merchandise processing fees, carnets, and permits, or any other necessary documentation and forms.

Price-rate for international shipping upon request.