ArtSafe offers art storage for all types of fine art, following ICOM guidelines, museum conservation standards, digital climate control, and top-level security system.

Climate-controlled Storage

Art Safe utilizes a complex network of art handling systems that regulate light, temperature, and humidity levels throughout the entire building. Art storage areas are protected against impurities, illuminated by light, maintained digitally by temperature and humidity monitors, and are protected against microclimate variations (especially relative humidity fluctuations, liquid and gas contamination, mechanical shocks and vibrations, and mechanical degradation).

Security Technology

There is a 24/7 closed circuit digital video surveillance and motion detectors for all storage, as well as an online inventory system and digital tracking. There is an integrated and centralised system for all types of emergencies.

Art Storage Rooms

We provide two types of art storage; private storage and concierge storage. Private storage is completely customizable, with exclusive control. The online inventory system allows collectors to supervise the storage of goods at any given time. The concierge storage benefits from the same maximum safety standards and integrated security system, and is exclusively managed by our expert art handling team.

Price-rate for Concierge Storage: 3,5 euro/month/item (max. size 100 x 100 x 10 cm)

Price-rate for Private Storage: 35 euros/sqm

Storage Terms and Conditions